I have worked on a wide variety of projects with Allen for over 35 years (since 1980). From photo-postcards to fine-art prints, he has helped me to achieve the end results I wanted. (At times this has included extremely-helpful focused discussions that enabled me to understand more clearly what my intentions were.) Also, Allen has a deep knowledge of the technical underpinnings of printing—both analog and digital—which gives him the ability to achieve some truly astounding images.

Working with Allen is an exercise in seeing—and, for me, learning to know my own mind. Faced with a difficult problem, Allen did magic with masks and layers in Photoshop, asking at each step of the way, “Is this what you had in mind?” I had a somber, muddy piece—I wanted somber, but I was unhappy with muddy sections, where the gloomy hills ran together. Allen was able to separate those hills and put light in the work, without destroying the feeling I was after. In another image, I wanted to brighten tree trunks in the shade, but keep some specular highlights in a river behind the forest. Too much contrast! Allen talked and walked me through his process, until we achieved exactly what I wanted. Don’t hesitate to work through your severest photographic problems with Allen.

My initial project with Allen was to produce optimized prints of the three images I had decided to enter in an exhibition. One of the resulting images earned an Award of Excellence and all three were very well received. I believe that Allen’s long experience as a printer (which includes optimizing in post-processing) and his meticulous approach to printing is very effective. I’m now preparing to work with him on the prints for a much larger exhibit

I have worked with Allen for about two years. I have a body of work that I did more then 30 years ago, about the waterfront where I worked for more then 30 years. Allen help me create a portfolio of some 60 images and also to print 40 images for a exhibit at PhotoCentral. He showed me how to scan my old negatives. which I have learned is paramount to be able to make fine art prints. He also helped me bring definition and clarity to my project. Allen is a masterful printer and has helped me immensely.

I began working with Allen Mckinney four years ago. What has evolved is an extensive mentoring conversation about technical knowledge and a deeper understanding of my work as a photographer. Allen helps you focus on the fine details of the print-making process and ultimately strengthens your point of view. The opportunity to work with Allen will influence your work and will help you achieve excellent results.